List of oils that the FDA has said are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe):


Bergamot Fruit Peel Citrus bergamia

Bergamot is commonly used externally on the skin, for acne, chicken pox, and shingles. The scent is very pleasant to most people and makes a wonderful room spray. It is similar to orange but very delectable. This very popular oil is phototoxic-so do not wear it in the sunshine. May irritate sensitive skin. Do not take internally.

 Chamomile, Roman Flower Chamaemelum Nobile

Roman chamomile oil is systemically healing. It is soothing to the nervous system. It’s gentle, but restorative nature provides a calming oasis for many people. Roman chamomile essential oil is beneficial for all skin types, especially, hyper-sensitive skin. It’s anti-inflammatory.It may help heal burns, dermatitis, and eczema. It is anti-bacterial and helpful diluted with calendula carrier oil for diaper rash. It is used on the skin for puffiness and to strengthen and tighten tissue. It is also an analgesic. Try roman chamomile for insomnia.

Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy. People sensitive to ragweed should be

careful of allergic reaction.

Eucalyptus globulus Leaf

This is the most common and well-loved eucalyptus. It has a camphoraceous smell. It is used for respiratory conditions including, sinusitis, bronchitis and lung infections. Use a little, diluted on the skin to relieve muscle aches and pains. It may help reduce body temperature, such as during a fever. It is worth trying, (diluted with water, as a spray) for hot flashes, during menopause. Eucalyptus globulus may reduce bacteria up to 80% simply by spraying it into the air. This oil is fabulous for cleaning and disinfecting the home. Try a few drops in your laundry, during the wash stage to disinfect. Put it directly into the water, not on fabric. Do not use on sensitive fabrics, such as silk. Do not apply near children’s nostrils. if taken internally or absorbed through the skin.

Do not use with children, or during pregnancy. Avoid with high blood pressure and epilepsy.

Frankincense Resin Boswellia carter ii

This oil indeed has a long history of healing and fighting infection. The gum of this tree is steam distilled. For those with hardy skin and no allergy to it, it may be used neat in some applications. Do a patch test on the crux of your arm to determine sensitivity. This oil is anti-infectious and may deepen breathing. Cosmetically, frankincense is commonly used for dry, aging skin, including the neck. Try it on scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. Use frankincense in a diffuser to lessen anxiety, and heighten meditation and dream state.

Avoid in pregnancy. Do not use internally. Avoid with epilepsy


Geranium Rose Leaf Pelargonium graveolens

It is excellent for many skin conditions: oily, acne, burns, dry or weepy eczema, itchy and inflamed. It is thought to be anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti- infectious and antiseptic. It decreases congestion, puffiness, and poor elimination of toxins from the skin.

Rose geranium balances oil secretion. It is also a cellular regenerator. It is both gentle and effective making it a panacea for the skin. For emotional conditions, try this oil for nervous tension. The scent is very floral, with a definite rose-like note, making it a fantastic mid-note for perfume blends. Rose Geranium is a very useful oil to have in your kit.

Avoid in early pregnancy. Do not take internally.

Ginger Root (Fresh) Zingiber Officinalis

Steam distilled from the fresh ginger rhizome. Ginger is a well-loved spice. Use it in a massage blend for aching muscles and poor circulation. Ginger helps to warm up cold bodies, in either a massage blend or bath. Try diffusing ginger for respiratory issues, such as catarrh, bronchitis, and cough. On the mental level it is stimulating, but grounding. Dilute with carrier oil and rub into the tummy to help alleviate gas and nausea. If you like ginger as a scent, this oil is delightful. May

irritate sensitive skin. Ginger root is slightly phototoxic. The dry rhizome oil is hotter and drier. Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy and with babies.

Juniper Berry Juniperus communis

Steam distilled from the ripe berry. All skin types may get some relief from this oil. For cosmetic purposes make a facial steam with juniper berry oil to treat congested, oily skin with blackheads. Juniper berry is often used for psoriasis, stretch marks, weeping and infected eczema and cellulite. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for stiff joints, as it expels uric acid. Historically it has been used as a powerful detoxifying agent. It can help purify a room when diluted in water, to 5% potency and sprayed in the air. Avoid in pregnancy and with babies. Do not take internally.

Lavender Flower Lavandula officinalis-L. Angustifolia

Steam distilled from the leaves and flowers. Lavender is the most popular essential oil we sell. If you are going to invest in only one essential oil, a case can be made for buying this one. This oil is a cellular regenerator. I always keep some on hand to soothe burns.

First, cool the burn with ice, or cold water, then apply lavender oil topically to the burned area

Note that varieties of lavender differ slightly in their properties. Scents of Wonder, organic lavender is more sedative and less useful for burns, than our wildcrafted, lavender.

  • All skin types may benefit from this multi-purpose oil. Some find it useful for acne, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, stings, rashes, rosacea, sunburn, wounds, burns, and blisters. Lavender applied to wounds, may prevent scarring. It may also regulate puffy skin. Cosmetically it may balance sebum.

Lavender is used to calming and regulating the nervous system. Organic lavender is especially useful for this purpose. Like many herbs, lavender defies traditional classification. Lavender is a sedative in low doses but stimulating in high amounts. Medically lavender also exhibits analgesic properties. Lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-infectious and regenerative. It may also help balance blood pressure and teething pains. it is often safe to apply lavender straight onto most skin types.

Always dilute before using on young people and those with sensitive skin. Lavender may cause dermatitis in some people.

Avoid in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Do not take internally.

Lemon Peel Citrus Limonum

Cold pressed. It is often used in hair formulas for blonde hair, as it lightens skin pigment and keeps hair’s flaxen tones. Lemon may also promote hair shine and increase its growth. Cosmetically, lemon is also used for cellulite, acne, boils, corns, rosacea and dry skin. It is used to strengthen thin hair and nails. Lemon is thought to balance sebum, strengthen epidermis function, tighten blood vessels and encourage connective tissue. We also have a long history of using it in the West for mental and emotional functions. Many people feel it stimulates the mind, clears thoughts and aids concentration.

Like many of the fruit oils, lemon can be phototoxic; so do not wear it in the sun. Like any substance- practice common sense and avoid if allergic.

Rose Otto Flower Rosa damascene

Steam distilled from the flowers. It may take about 70 whole flowers, to make one drop of this oil. Used for: dry, aging and sensitive skin, redness, rosacea, wrinkles, and eczema. It is astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Rose oil may help clear small, broken capillaries, regulate hormones and stimulate the nervous system. I also like it for deterring cold sores. I alternate Melissa and rose if I catch the virus when it is in the itchy stage. Apply the oil directly to the pitch. Rose is mainly used for its incomparable scent. It is compelling and attractive to bees and most humans.

Do not use in the first trimester of pregnancy. Skin irritation may occur with some individuals.

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