Stress makes you social. We need to talk about hormone OXYTOCIN, and I know oxytocin has already gotten as much hype as a hormone can get. It even as it’s cute nickname, CUDDLE HORMONE. It releases when you hug someone. But this is a very small part of what oxytocin is involved in, oxytocin is neurohormone. It fine –tunes your brains social instincts. It primes you to do things strength close relationships. Oxytocin makes you crave for contact with your friends and family. It enhances your empathy, it even makes you more willing to help and support that people you care about. Some people have even suggested snorting oxytocin to become more compassionate and caring.

But oxytocin is a stress hormone. Your pituitary gland this stuff out as part of the stress response as the adrenaline that makes your heart pound. And when oxytocin is released in the stress response, it is motivating you to seek support, your biological stress response is nudging you to tell someone how you feel, instead of bolting it up. Your stress response wants to make sure you notice when someone else in your life is struggling.  so that you can support each other.

When life is difficult your stress response wants you to be surrounded by people who care about you.

Okay, so how is knowing this side of stress going to make you healthier? well, oxytocin doesn’t only act on your brain. It also acts on your body. And one of in main is your cardiovascular system from the effect of stress. It’s natural also helps your blood vessels to stay relaxed during stress. Your heart has a receptor for this hormone . and oxytocin helps heart cells regenerate and healed any stress-induced damage. This stress hormone strength your heart. And the best thing is that all these benefits of oxytocin are enhanced by social contact and social support. So when you reach out to others under stress or to seek support or to help someone. You release more of this hormone and you actually recover faster from stress. Your stress response as its built-in mechanism for stress resilience and that mechanism is social contact.

The science is has given me a whole new appreciation for stress. Stress gives us access to our heart. the compassionate heart that finds joy and meaning in contact with other.



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