You may know, someone who have diabetes or you may have diabetes yourself. Diabetes affects 382 million people worldwide.


The disease currently affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 71% of Indians adults population. An estimation shows that nearly 1million Indians die due to diabetes every year.

To put that in perspective in the united states 1 on every  11 people have diabetes, that means over 29million people in the united states alone are living with diabetes.

According to center for disease control statistics, ¼  of people do not know they have it.

That’s what makes our question and its answer, so incredibly important, what is diabetes.

As per the WHO, diabetes is a heterogeneous metabolic disorder characterized by the common feature of chronic hyperglycemia with disturbance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. Diabetes is a leading cause of morbidity and death. Your cells want fuel to run your life. Cells use fuel, breaks down a simple sugar called glucose. When you eat food, breaks down them into glucose, glucose is amazing, its is our bodies a key source of energy.It’s sugar, but not the kind we bake with or put in our coffee, that’s sucrose, glucose tastes less than sweeter than sucrose but cells love glucose. Glucose is used by life from bacteria to humans.

But turning food into glucose is not the final step, it has to get into the cells,where it can be used for energy. Your body needs insulin to get glucose into your cells or to store it for later. Insulin is a hormone. insulin manage how much glucose is in your blood and wrangling it into cells or storage as needed. Its deficiency makes a big difference in life, too much sugar, or glucose, in your blood for long can put you a higher risk for problems with eyes,kidneys and also affects in your metabolism.


TYPE-1 DIABETES(10% children)

The body makes little or no insulin, beta cells in pancreas mistakenly destroyed by the body’s own immune system.

TYPE-2 DIABETES(90% of adults)

Beta cells in the pancreas  produce insulin not enough to keep blood sugar level with a normal level or, the body doesn’t respond to insulin.Without proper insulin, glucose formed will go nowhere, build up, unused, in the cells. This is what happens when someone has what’s called “high blood sugar”.








Frequently feeling thirsty and having dry mouth

Changes in your appetite, usually feeling very hungry

Fatigue, feeling always tired despite sleeping and mood swings

Blurred vision

Slow healing of skin wounds, frequent infection

Unexplained weight changes

Potentially a loss of consciousness

Being much sweeter inside cost you more, take care of your health, that’s the only place where you live in.

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