I am assuming, you clicked on this blog because you probably feeling stressed out, lots of anxiety may be you are just upset about something. Whatever it is, I just wanted to write this blog to remind you,  that, it’s ok to be stressed, it is very natural. But you can’t Stress out all the time. Even something like phone messes up. Even they need a break, it as to be charged. We are humans, even we need rest, we have to give time for ourselves and we need to relax, to find and seek inner peace. This the world where everything is moving so fast, and everyone is running to keep up with something or the other. There is pressure to be always ON, but there is nothing wrong with turning everything OFF for some time to seek your inner peace. We need to teach ourselves, how to slowly unwind and find that path towards relaxation.


Turn off your phone. I know it’s hard but connected to your inner self is more peaceful. Think it is like a digital detox for an hour because you will be going unplug.


A hot bath is a great way to keep things off. Adding bubbles, essential oils, minerals and bath bomb into a water can bump up a soothing factor. Sometimes we forget or too busy to find the time to take care of ourselves. with the right music, candles, and minerals, you can turn your own bathtub into the luxurious spa. If you are not much of a bath person still hot water play an important role.


Don’t forget to have fun in a day, whether it’s chilling with people you love, games or books. These will make you forget your personal stress in no time.


Reconnect with yourself by doing something you love. This is why finding your passion is important. Everyone has one. If you think you don’t, it’s ok, try as many things as you can, don’t afraid to try. At least at some point, you ‘ll find your truly gifted passion.


Did you know that right scent can help you psychological and physical well-being, They call it aromatherapy.  And has different ways to try it out, like lighting scented candle and burning incense, these slowly creates lush fragrance smoke.


You can apply on pulse points like wrist and neck, to bump intensity apply on forehead and chest region.


Find time to meditate. Alone time, the quiet environment can really help. You can use a singing bowl or you can use your own calming sound soothing environment sound or instrumental sound. Nice music can help you chill out. Just take the time to breath deep, just let your thoughts go. Focus and keep your mind still.


Make yourself a warm drink like tea, hot chocolate, hot water even lemon water can soothe stress away.


Soup helps sweat out toxins from your body. Every once in a while take time while eating, I am sure you have moments, you can only eat on the go or just 5mins to spare. But try to dedicate 1 meal a day you can really sit and enjoy a meal. Because food is healing and a blessing.




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