Aromatherapy is a gentle but powerful healing art, uses therapeutic grade essential oils in a way that positively affect our physical, emotional and mental health.

Essential oils are naturally occurring substances found different parts of plants. It can be in the blossom, the fruit, the leaf, the stem, wood, bark, root, and resin.

Essential oils can be used as an effective natural way to help enhance physical appearance and the skin health, promote physical, mental and emotional well-being to help combat stress even fungi and bacteria and help to boost your immune system.

There are many different ways to get essential oil out of the material the most common way is through steam distillation. Plants parts are placed in a watt and water beneath is heated the steam from the water rises through the plant material causing the cell walls of the plant to break and release the essence. The essence of water goes to the condenser, where they cool and separate. the oil is collected from the top and the water is sold as a hydrosol. Which is excellent for skin care. There many ways to extract plant material this includes, solvent extraction, cold-pressed, carbon- dioxide extraction. Another thing to keep in mind is adulteration. It’s important to buy your products from reputed companies, who not dilute or adulteration of oil.

Each essential oil is made up of 50-500 different naturally occurring chemicals bear in mind essential oils are botanical extract that is their therapeutic benefits.

Methods of Using Essential Oils:

To influence moods and psychological states, all that is necessary is to breathe in the diffused oils. How we respond to various oils will be partly dependent on individual taste and memories. If we associate lavender with an older aunt we loved, we may have a more positive association to that oil than someone with a different memory. The oils themselves have specific chemical properties, giving them the ability to calm, excite, or balance. An oil like lavender, although relaxing in small quantities, can stimulate at a higher dose.


To get the oils into the air a diffuser becomes invaluable. A good “air pump type” diffuser will break up the molecules of the oils, making them accessible while you breathe. We do not recommend putting oils on light bulb rings, as the heat will destroy many of the fragile, healing compounds in the oils.


Many people have the urge to put essential oils into their humidifiers. Theoretically, this makes sense, because it seems like a good way to get the oils into the air. However, oils destroy many types of plastic. If your humidifier is made from plastic and does not have a special compartment for oils, do not use them on this machine.


Burner type diffusers are pretty and relatively inexpensive. Ensure you choose one that has adequate space between where you place the candle, and where the oil is placed. This prevents the oil from becoming toasted. Burner type diffusers are pretty but do not utilize oil as effectively as an air pump style.


Put a few drops of lavender, neroli, roman chamomile or lemongrass essential oil onto your pillow to help soothe your overworked or ruffled psyche. If you do not like the idea of oils being in direct contact with your pillow, use a Kleenex or cotton ball as the receptacle and place that inside your pillow cover. Alternatively, you may drop the oils in water, in a glass spray bottle and spray around your sleeping area.

Massage- Dilution Ratio

A wonderful way to loosen muscles is by an essential oil, massage. To create the blend: mix 1-5% essential oils with 95-99% vegetable oil. Use very dilute amounts of essential oil .05-1% on the face or delicate skin. Use the more subtle amounts for children, (over 3 years of age) and fragile people. In most circumstances, do not use the oil on children under 3. Hydrosols, or floral waters, are a better choice for infants, or delicate individuals. Always test for sensitivity or allergic reaction before application. If it has tested safely, massage the mixture onto the skin. The body will absorb some of the oil, while the scent will drift up to the nose, and affect the brain, via the olfactory bulb.

Aromatic Baths

A bath is possibly my favorite way to enjoy essential oils. To create an aromatic bath you will need 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, or full-fat milk or cream. This is how original milk baths got their name. The fat in the cream, milk or oil acts as an emulsifier and helps spread the oils throughout the tub. Mix 1-5 drops of essential oil into the emulsifier and drop into the bath, after running the water. Stir vigorously to further distribute the oils. If you use straight essential oils in a bath you may risk burning yourself, as you merge your delicate parts into the tub. The fruit and spice oils may be particularly aggressive in these situations, so use less rather than more, as you experiment with various concoctions. Try roman chamomile or lavender to relax, or peppermint and rosemary in cooler water to stimulate. * If your tub has spray jets, or if you have a Jacuzzi, inquire with the manufacturer to see if it can handle essential oils. Some tubes and hoses are made for this purpose others will be destroyed, if essential oils are used in them.


If you prefer showers to baths, you will need to put the oils into an emulsifying compound, such as a neutral liquid soap mix, or your existing, non-scented shower gel. Stimulating oils, such as rosemary and grapefruit help wake up energy and are good for cooler, morning showers. Calming oils such as lemongrass, marjoram, and lavender are useful for when you are winding down for sleep. Add about 12 drops of essential oil to 25 ml of shower gel or liquid soap- (I like Dr. Bronner’s) and shake. It is preferable to use a glass container to prevent the oils from leaching plastic. But, glass is always precarious in the shower, so choose non-shattering glass and hold on carefully.

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