Warm Up and Cooling Down

Before starting my first blog in my fitness category, I thought we should have a safe and better foundation to start any work. So I started with this topic.

  • Why should we include warm up before and cool down after exercise?
  • How long to warm up/cool down?
  • What are the parts of warm up and cool down?
  • Benefits of warm up and cool down?


It’s important to warm up and prior and exercise and cool down after, two main reasons to do so,

  1. Increase performance.
  2. Reduces the risk of injury.


Warm up

Warm up is very vital part to do before exercise. This aids the performer in preparing physiologically and psychologically for workouts.

Warm up exercises prepare the body for exercising by increasing blood flow to the muscles allowing them to loosen up, which in turn increases the oxygen flow to the muscles. Doing this increases the body temperature. Then this increases the muscular contraction. Because nerve impulses flow after at high body temperature this, in turn, reduces muscle stiffness and more flexibility.

The 10 minutes warm up to increase your body temperature and make blood flow into your muscles.



Warming up should, at least, consist of the following:

  • Jogging- to increase body temperature
  • Dynamic stretching exercises – reduce muscle stiffness
  • General and event-specific drills – preparation for the session or competition
  • 4 to 8 easy run outs over 30 t0 60 meters – focus on correct running technique
  • Jump rope, side bends, and kicks etc.
  • Leg drills Technique drills

Benefits of warm up

  1. Increases flexibility
  2. Better range of motion
  3. Loose muscles
  4. Less prone to injury

cooling down

The cool down period of the exercise session is just as important as the warm up. The main is it decrease the intensity return to the state of rest. Cool down just brings blood into the circulatory system and also removes lactic acid from your body. It also brings heart rate to the normal state.

Once you were done with the main components of working then focus on cooling down phase. 3-5 minutes by walking,by doing some easy yogas and etc.

Cooling down should consist of the following:

  • Walking-decrease body temperature and remove waste products from the working muscles
  • 10 minutes of slow walking on treadmill
  • Static stretching exercise

Benefits of cool down

  • It reduces delay onset muscles
  • Reduces the level of adrenaline in blood
  • Reduces the chance of fatigue and dizzying due to venous blood extremities


Static stretches are more appropriate to the cool down as they help muscles to relax, releasing muscles fibers and re-establish their normal range of movement.

So my beautiful friends start your working with warm up and end it with cooling down.












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