We all get stressed out,it’s something that happens in our daily life. We live in a world these days, where it seems everything is constantly in motion in busier than ever. So busy in fact that seems almost impossible to get away from it. And over a time to get overwhelmed with these thoughts with this anxiety with all this pressure bearing down upon us. We put a constant strain on our own lives unknowingly or knowingly. We live right, what if we escape? but where we can escape from the world?. We do escape from this world. There is one place we can escape. Yes, it’s inside our own mind, and be part of a present moment in a way that not only benefits us mentally and even physically, takes away all negative things out of our life.

Well, we can do this by ever simple and affordable, something called meditation.

So, what exactly is meditation?

At a basic level, meditation is simply a mind state of conscious introspective awareness and become conscious of the fact that we are the universe, and by changing our mind thought that we are not just inside the universe living separately, but we are an integral part of the universe. It helps us to dissociates the negative feeling that are in our lives. Where we can realize the reality of nature, where Gautam Buddha achieved the peace of this universe.

The Beautiful thing about meditation is that it is something that anyone can do that. we all have the ability to achieve a meditation state to work within and realize in a very simple way that we are simply the present moment as it is right now. And meditation is a personal journey. It places the ability to transcend our daily life and become aware of which really going on in our mind. it gives us this responsibility that we can take care of ourselves. Which basically means that once you understand meditation and how to meditate, you then control not only your feeling but now you live your life for a lot of people live there.

All you need to meditate is to place to sit or to lay down or to simply be comfortable. We simply need an understanding of our breathing habits and way our mind functions. It’s no wonder an amazing introspective. This is why this notion of meditation have swept the world by thousands of year are documented in almost every religion aspect and spiritual aspect on the planet.

Benefits of meditation.

well, now we are in the new millennium and become more scientifically advanced over the past 20 years, than ever before in human history we become aware of the fact meditation not only good for introspective processes but also for understanding who we are with the nature of reality. It has been found to be effective proven in scientific studies, laboratories, group results and soon.

Increase immune function against disease

body defense

decrease stress

Decrease depression

In meditative state brain release dopamine, its help for our overall happiness and joy

It creates a path to better understand of our conscious awareness

Empathy towards living creatures


It increases focus

It increases an ability to be creative.

Meditation focuses on one’s ultimate self-being interconnected part of this universe and its understanding is of simple conscious awareness. It is bliss at all level.







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