Today I want to talk about subject, lot of people asking me about. I will go through similar description all the time. so I thought it will be good to understand before you do treatment. Which is under eyes dark circles.

Well, sometimes dark circle look sexy, sometimes ugly, regardless everyone has it. Now somedays when you wake up do you feel like, something dark under your eyes. I think we have all had those days when we leave the house and we see someone and they are like, “man you  look tired”. You’re wondering  incase, you’re little slow. Tried also means old, tried also means ugly, tried also hangover, but the point that matter is the man you look tired, you don’t look so hot. Right? Now no other features on your body tell us mood or tells your physical well-being like your eyes do. Now they say your eyes are windows to your salt water. Know about all that, but if that true, having dark under eye circle will be equivalent to  having a dirty welcome at your front door.


Dark circles it’s a common problem, it may of discoloration of skin or problem under tissues. Discoloration of skin is hereditary or by great exposure to the sun, remember skin or a tissue under your eyes are so thin. Dark circles are dilated vessels under the skin, the bluish discoloration of blood vessels even appears to be a dark circle. There are so many causes I ‘ll make the list of some prominent one. the things that cause dilation of your under-eye blood vessels makes a dark circle appear worse.

  • Lack of sleep

  • Nasal congestion

  • Stress

  • Having too much sodium in your food to swelling in your eyes, that swelling cause shadow that looks like dark circle

  • Dehydration

  • Anemia


  • Thyroid disorders- hormonal imbalance
  • Constantly rubbing eyes

  • Allergy

  • Harsh makeup products


Find out a particular cause of dark circle, this makes easy to remove the dark circle.  I ‘ll assume you will going to identify the environmental factor that might be contributing to your dark circle. Most of the time we identify and link it to one specific thing, ya , I ‘ll only sleep 3hrs a day, o my gosh I got hay fever, my allergies are killing me. whatever the reason you need to try and link and correct the behavior  that  is leading to your dark circle.

In some cases it’s not an overnight fix, it takes a little bit of time. have patience and work on it. I prefer to give some home remedies than laser and plasma or medication, here are some of them.


yes, this one is the most affordable one. keep the spoons in the freezer, let it be ice-cold. Take it out and place it underneath your dark circle (place spoons back part). Keep it till the spoon get warmer. You can see the importance.


Place a used tea bags inside the freezer for some minutes. The place under your eyes for few minutes,  there is naturally occurring compound called tannin, it helps to decrease puffiness and discoloration.


We need 3 ingredients for this

Licorice extract-whitening agent

Vitamin k-reduces visibility of blood vessels under your eyes

Aloe gel-extremely hydrating

contacts lens case

take a vitamin K and squeeze 3 drops and add 2 drops of licorice extract and add a tiny drop of aloe gel all into the contact lens case. Let the consistency be not too jelly are not too sticky. Tap gently on your under eye before you sleep.


Take 1 cucumber and one potato grind it and take juice from it, keep it in the freezer for few seconds. And take the cotton pad. And dip it. place it under your eyes for 15mins. And gently wash in cold water.

Lifestyles place an important role. Sleep nicely, don’t stress yourself, have a nice and healthy diet , drink more water,  do exercise daily. Be happy , take care of your skin. Tel bye bye to alcohol and smoking.

It matters guys, take care

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As always , thank you so much for reading, stay tuned. Good luck.












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